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Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Whether you’re working from home or heading into the office, as August comes to a close, the thing on everyone’s mind is “what am I going to wear this fall?!” 

Don’t worry, we’ve put together all the fall clothing trends that you need for 2021.

Fall fashion trends for everyone!


Whether you’re lounging at the beach after work, or staying cozy at home, Hawaii evenings can get chilly in the fall (especially with that ocean breeze!). While some of us may still be wearing shorts and slippers, the rest of us are embracing fall layers, Hawaii edition!

It’s important to pick up some cozy layering staples, like a hoodie or vest! There are tons of options to choose from at Lululemon!

woman in a white sweathshirt

Photos: Lululemon

Dark Denim

It’s time to ditch those summer colors and embrace dark denim. Whether you’re dressing them up for the office or down for a weekend away, you can’t go wrong with dark denim! Find these styles and so many more at H&M.

Woman's denim pants
Men's denim pants

Photos: H&M


It’s beanie season! Beanies never go out of style, and if you’re visiting Mauna Kea in Hawaii, you’ll need one! Exploring what Honolulu has to offer? The pop of color this beanie brings to your look is perfect for a night on the town in Kakaʻako! For all your colorful beanie needs, shop H&M!

Yellow Beanie

Photo: H&M

Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Looking for cute fall clothes for women? We’re obsessed with these styles:

Wide-Leg Sweatpants

POV: You just got home from the office, or you’re looking for the perfect sweatpants to wear to your Zoom call. Either way, wide-leg sweats are in this year! They are the most comfortable pants you could possibly wear, but they still make you feel confident and ready to tackle your day. You can find the Align Wide Leg Crop at Lululemon and the Modal Wide-leg Pant at Victoria’s Secret.

woman in wide leg pants
Sweater Sets

As you already know, sets are everything. This fall, it’s all about sweater sets! From the runway, down to the most affordable digs, we’re seeing these everywhere. Don’t sleep on the sweater sets! Get one today at H&M.

Photo: H&M

Animal Prints

The warm tones in these prints are perfect for fall and there are so many ways to wear them! Dazzle your coworkers with a classy-but-fun blouse, or kick back in this awesome Athleisure Set.

woman in pants animal print leggings and sports bra
animal print shirt

Photo: Victoria’s Secret                                                                 Photo: H&M

What’s New in Men’s Fall Fashion?

Wondering what’s big in men’s fashion these days? Here are some of our favorites: 

The ABC Pant!

Lululemon’s ABC Technology is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort! That makes these pants the catch-all for work, home, and everything in between. Plus they come in a variety of styles and colors!

blue ABC pants

Photos: Lululemon 


Streetwear is huge and wearing pop art is an awesome way to express yourself! Check out the Keith Haring Collection for all your fall streetwear needs! 

Two guys in streetwear in front of wall art

Photo: H&M


It’s comfy, it’s classic and it’s BACK! We’re loving all the cords we’re seeing this fall! Complete your fall wardrobe with a pair of corduroy pants, or grab an awesome layering piece like this jacket!

Photo: H&M

Ready to do some fall shopping in one of the most iconic shopping districts in the world? Find all of these styles, and more, at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

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