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Take a Culinary Journey at Stix Asia Food Hall

If you love trying new eateries (let’s be real, who doesn’t?), let us introduce you to your new obsession: Stix Asia Food Hall. Featuring authentic cuisine from various Asian countries, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Singapore, with a collection of 17 eateries, Stix Asia is a playground for foodies with endless treats to try.  

Where is Stix Asia? 

Located in the Lower Level of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, Stix Asia has entrances on Kalākaua Avenue and Seaside Avenue, as well as an internal entrance from the elevators in the building. Once inside, you’ll notice beautiful displays that show the regions eateries hail from, as well as the history of the various food options. Each eatery offers completely authentic cuisine, providing you with a true taste of Asia. 


Parking is available in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, though validations are not provided by Stix Asia. Check the parking page for the current parking rates.  

What restaurants are open in Stix Asia?

There are so many restaurants to try in Stix Asia, and more on the way! Currently, you can try: 

  • Honolulu Noodle & Co.
    Authentic Taiwanese cuisine uniquely fused with western and Hawaiian flavors.

  • Shingen
    Traditional Japanese soba and sushi, as well as udon and tempura.

  • Nabe Aina
    Pan-Pacific Asian Hot Pot featuring a signature golden broth.

  • Cafe Nala
    Island style cafe with one-of-a-kind, locally made rainbow bagels.

  • Shanghai Bar
    Upscale Asian whiskey bar inspired by 1930s Shanghai. Enjoy Happy Hour from 2-5pm!

  • Nana Musubi
    Organic musubi shop using the finest ingredients and organic rice.

  • Udon Yama
    Homemade Udon featuring a renowned family broth recipe and delicious tempura.

  • Nana’s Green Tea
    Japanese cafe specializing in Matcha.

  • K Street Food
    Authentic handmade Korean street food like tteokbokki and k-dogs.

  • Baikohken
    Asahika ramen from Sapporo, Hokkaido that has also been featured in the Michelin guide!

  • Sushi Matsuri
    Fresh and delicious sushi.

  • Gashoken
    Authentic tonkotsu ramen with an exclusive genuine broth.

  • Ao Gelato
    Gelato shop featuring tropical fruit and premium tea flavors.

Eateries soon to open include: 

The majority of eateries are open from 11:00 am to 10:00pm. However, Shanghai Bar is open from 12:00 pm through 10:00 pm, and both Gashoken and Nabe Aina are open from 5:00 pm through 10:00 pm. Visit Stix Asia’s website for current eatery hours!

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