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What is the Best Kind of Cookie?

There are plenty of factors to consider when trying to understand why people are drawn to a particular cookie. Is it the texture, consistency, composure, or simply just the taste that gives people the joy and satisfaction of eating a cookie? 

After intensive research, and many full bellies, we have created the one and only list that matters when it comes to ranking the top cookies and establishing which kind of cookie chews up the rest*.

*Regardless of the list, you can’t go wrong with any cookie as all cookies are delicious.

5) Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

oatmeal raisin cookie

We’ll start off by saying this is a classic cookie that gets the job done. A Mr. Reliable of cookies if you will, it deserves a top-5 spot. Why is it only number 5? It might be because, when you’re minding your business at work and you get an email stating there are cookies in the break room, your initial excitement fizzles when you arrive to find only oatmeal raisin cookies. It might be because your smile then fades as you walk back to your deska little less-hyped than the walk from. Don’t get us wrong, we love oatmeal raisin cookies, but they just don’t bring the same excitement associated with the word ‘cookie’ as the others on this list. 

4) Macadamia Chocolate Caramel Cookie

macadamia chocolate caramel cookie

(Picture source: IG @rieaoyama.hm)

This one probably caught your attention. You have either never heard of them or absolutely love them. Either way, this is a reminder to treat yourself to some at Royal Hawaiian Cookie on your lunch break. These make the cut because macadamia chocolate caramel cookies offer a unique flavor of salty, sweet, and rich that hits every one of your taste buds that no other cookie is able to do. This flavor provides a cookie-eating experience everyone must try!

3) Shortbread Cookie

shortbread cookie

(Picture source: abcstores.com)

When you’re looking for a sweet treat, shortbread cookies top the list. While shortbread cookies aren’t heavy on the traditional sweetness, their fruit-filled cookie option satisfies the sweetness craving without going over the top! Plus, having so many different fruit-filled cookies, along with a rich, chocolate-coated shortbread cookie option, provides nearly an endless amount of enjoyment.

No matter which kind of shortbread cookie you’re craving, ABC Stores have you covered.

2) Sugar Cookie

sugar cookie

(Picture source: starbucks.com)

Because it’s simply one of the most traditional kinds of cookies, you just can’t go wrong with a sugar cookie. What boosts sugar cookies this close to the top of the cookie jar is its ability to surprise you. Yes, a traditional cookie can still provide a surprise. Will you be opening a box of sugar cookies that are circular or are they cut in a variety of shapes? Will the sugar cookie have sprinkles? Will it have frosting? Will the sugar cookie be plain or will it have its iconic touch of sugar on top? Besides its signature taste, the element of surprise is always fun. Swing by Starbucks and see which sugar cookie you’ll get!

1) Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chip cookie

(Picture source: IG @honolulucookie)

The fact that you were waiting for chocolate chip cookies to pop up on this list the entire time you were reading it should say enough. The most iconic cookie of them all, the chocolate chip cookie is known for its mouthwatering taste, its signature smell, and smile-inducing look. 

While the chocolate chip cookie is near perfect, there have been millions of attempts to give it that slight boost. The closest to do so is Honolulu Cookie Company. If you haven’t had their Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookie, stop reading and start eating cause you’re in for a real treat! 

Whether you were here to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day or came across this on an average Tuesday, you don’t need an excuse to give your taste buds the cookies they’re craving. If we made you so hungry that cookies aren’t enough, see where the best places to eat in Waikiki are to handle your hunger!

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