4 reasons we have your back (and feet!)

So, you forgot your shoes? After weeks of intense trip planning and a detailed packing list, you managed to forget the specific footwear you needed for your trip. We’re sure they wouldn’t let you on the plane barefoot, but one pair of footwear is not enough for your time in Hawaii. Don’t worry though, we have your back (and feet) covered for whatever life in Hawaii throws at you!

1. SURPRISE! Romantic Dinner
Pipeline Leather Shoes for a Romantic Dinner

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There’s nothing like the walk back from the beach and your significant other surprises you with romantic dinner plans. A nice steak and seafood dinner which your beach slides aren’t hungry for. The panic sets in when you check the same 30-inch bag for the seventh time hoping a pair of dressy footwear appears. Save the time and the stress by picking up a pair of leather boots or shoes at Pipeline Leather or head to H&M for some trendy heels.

2. A Long Way to the Top
o my sole

When work sends you to a conference in Hawaii, your bag stays business friendly with the exception of an aloha shirt for happy hour. You planned for your one day off to solely involve your feet in the sand. You didn’t plan for your colleagues to throw together a last-minute idea for a morning hike in which you eagerly agreed to before realizing you only brought one other pair of footwear to accompany your work shoes… which are flip-flops. As fun as a hike in your leather shoes or flip-flops would be, odds are you’d awkwardly cancel instead. Luckily, O’My Sole has sneakers that would be perfect for hiking or other activities that pop-up on your trip.

3. Kick Off the Workday Shoes
Armani Exchange Sneakers

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Working a 9-to-5 job has you in bed by 10pm every night because that’s what responsibilities will do to you. On vacation, those bedtime rules do not apply which you didn’t account for when packing. Now everyone’s ready for a night out while you’re envisioning the pain you’ll endure in your sandals as the person in front of you at the bar steps on your toes as they stumble back to the dance floor. Your night out can be fun, comfortable, and pain-free with stylish and practical footwear from Armani Exchange.

4. Sandy Socks

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Vacation is best filling your camera roll with the top hiking views Oahu has to offer including Three Peaks and Crouching Lion. To maximize your hiking time, you need resting days which involve afternoons laying in the sand. Between the hiking boots and sneakers, you have to choose which will be your honorary beachwear. Either of them could double as beach footwear if sandy socks and shoes are your forte. We recommend you keep the sand on the beach with sandals from Victoria’s Secret.

Even if you didn’t initially miss anything from your packing list, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Check out the best shopping in Waikiki if you forgot anything else!

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