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Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Christmas gifts

We’ve got a list and we’re checking it twice. With holiday shopping in full swing, we made a gift guide that will cover every person in your life. Be sure to choose your gifts wisely so you don’t end up on the naughty list next year! 

In true Holiday spirit, the gift of giving runs high. As excited as some may be, others might be nervous about buying the perfect gift. No need to stress, we’ve got a holiday guide that will help you choose the best present for everyone on your list. No literally, we’ve broken this gift guide into personality types to make it easier to shop! 

You may not know every single person’s exact type, but that’s okay. Thanks to the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, we’ve gathered eight key personality traits below to choose from. Technically there are 16 types to choose from, but these are the main categories that you’ll need for all your holiday shopping needs. 

Extroverts- Energizer Bunnies

Photo source: IG @hm

Talk first, think later. Extroverts are known as social butterflies, meaning they thrive by being out and about in the world. Wow them with a new outfit from H&M so they can hit the town in style. You can also stop by Heidi’s Trading to find local, one-of-a-kind clothing made right here in Hawaiʻi.

Introverts- Quiet but Fun 

Photo source: IG @belleviehawaii.en

Think first, talk later. To no one’s surprise, this group is the opposite of extroverts. Treat them with luxurious lotions and perfumes from Belle Vie. Holiday idea: Put together a self-care basket filled with beauty products! We can all agree that it’s been quite the year; allow them to sit back and relax as we head into the new year.

Sensors- Realest of the Real 

gift card

If you’re looking to impress a sensor, think practical + thoughtful and you’re in! Gift cards for their favorite restaurants or shops are the perfect gift for these sensible types. 

Want something less generic? How about a cute belt bag or backpack from lululemon, or a beach towel from ABC Stores!

Intuitives- Clever and Innovative, basically MacGyver  

Sandals and clogs on a store display

When it comes to the big-picture, this group is already ten steps ahead of you. Speaking of steps, let’s protect the soles of their feet with new shoes. Make your way to O’ My Sole where you’ll find shoes of all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Thinkers- Decision Makers  

Picture source: IG @sephora

Usually ones to sit and weigh each decision. Play it safe with a gift card from Sephora! Or keep it simple by choosing beauty essentials. Sephora doesn’t just sell makeup, they have sunscreen, shampoo, body lotions, and much more. All you have to do is choose a scent and you’re set! 

Feelers- Selfless & Thoughtful

Volunteers at a foodbank

This group is full of lovers, givers, and big hearts. They’ll thank you for just thinking about them. Surprise them with a beautiful necklace from Maxi Hawaiian Jewelry. Holiday tip: Instead of giving this group a gift, you can make a donation to a charity, or offer to volunteer at a local nonprofit like the Waikiki Community Center! An act of service is unlike any other gift money can buy.

Judgers- Sticklers for Rules  

Picture Source: IG @lululemon

Deadlines are important to this group so be sure to get this gift wrapped and ready in advance. Don’t walk, but run to Lululemon to snag the best of the best athletic wear. Choose from men’s joggers, women’s jackets, yoga mats, hats, and everything in between. You can also check out Victoria’s Secret for cozy pajamas, leggings, hoodies, and perfumes! 

Perceivers- As Free as the Wind  

Stone bracelet featured on a wrist

Spontaneous is their middle name. Match this group’s energy with fashion accessories from Pure Stone Shop. Using carefully selected stones, they make bracelets for natural healing. Not only will the jewelry give a great aura, but it looks modern and stylish as well! 

Ready for some shopping? Grab that list and head to the Waikiki Shopping Plaza on Kalākaua Ave. to start your holiday shopping today! 

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