What You Need to Start At-Home Yoga

In an ever-changing world, we must remain flexible. And, as we’ve learned, it’s never a bad thing to be over prepared. Whether you’re looking for a regular at-home yoga routine or just need a moment to calm down and meditate, there are a few things you’ll need for a comfortable and effective session. 

Proper Clothes
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When it comes to yoga at home or in a studio, clothing plays a bigger role than one may think. If the clothing you wear is uncomfortable, being relaxed and enjoying your session will be extremely difficult. However, having too loose of clothing can throw off your balance and focus.  A good place to start is H&M as they have plenty of activewear that work for men and women to practice at home yoga including sport shorts, sport tops, sports bras, and leggings.

The Right Equipment
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Technically, you could begin at home yoga with no additional equipment, but as we’ve said above, comfort in yoga is everything. A yoga mat will add comfort to any pose as you move from a full body lay to your feet and every pose in between. With that, a yoga towel will go a long way to help keep your mat from being slippery and throwing you off balance. While these tools are not essential, a yoga block and roller are suggested, especially for beginners, as they will help with poses your body may not be used to and help for relaxing any discomfort throughout your session. All of these yoga tools can be found at Lululemon.

Your Perfect Program
Yoga class at Yogaloha

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Having yoga clothing and equipment are great but they don’t go far without the perfect yoga program. 

First, you must establish the kind of yoga experience that you want. 

  1. Are you looking to be more relaxed throughout? 
  2. Are you trying to touch your toes through flexibility? 
  3. Would you rather skip the weights but still improve your strength

After you narrow down what you want to focus on, you can search for your program. 

Begin by checking different yoga studios as many of them offer videos of poses and lessons online, such as Yogaloha. This way you can trust that the program you’re following is authentic.  Plus, if you feel like taking your yoga experience outside of your home, you’ll have an idea of which studios you enjoy! 

Now you’re ready to practice at home yoga! For more yoga clothing, equipment, or programs, checkout the best shopping in Waikiki!

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