What Your Choice of Chocolate Says About You

Chocolate covered strawberries in front of Royal Hawaiian

Everyone loves chocolate. The great thing about chocolate is how many different ways there are to eat it! To celebrate world chocolate day, we’ll tell you what your favorite types of chocolate say about you! 

Click on your favorite way to eat chocolate to reveal something about you. Did we get it right?

What is your choice of chocolate?

Type of Chocolate Says About You
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Honolulu Cookie Company

You’re loyal. The best chocolate chip cookies are made to be shared! Like a freshly baked cookie, people gravitate toward your warm heart. You don’t always need all the thrills of life. You truly enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, and there’s nothing more important to you than keeping the ones you love close. Cookies make great gifts! Pick up a pineapple cookie for a loved one at Honolulu Cookie Company! (Picture source: IG @honolulucookie)
Candy Bar

Twix and Mars Bars in a pile

You’re sentimental. If you could be any age you wanted, you would probably want to return to your childhood. There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a sugary, mass-produced candy bar! It’s delicious, nostalgic, and makes you happy. You’re not even sure what memories it’s bringing back. You just know it’s good. Pick one up today at an ABC store near you.
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries in front of Royal Hawaiian

You’re creative. How artistic is this tray of chocolate covered strawberries? This dessert is for someone who loves to mix it up with color, flavor and texture. You’re all about going beyond the basics and coming up with something new and unique. Your creative energy sets you apart from the crowd! Wondering where to buy chocolate covered strawberries? Sky Waikiki has you covered with these beauties! (Picture source: IG @skywaikiki)
Mocha Drink

starbucks chocolate frap

You’re ambitious. As a go-getter, you’re always en route to your next goal! Still, you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you make sure to find time to treat yourself to some liquid chocolate deliciousness along the way. Yum! Order one now at Starbucks! (Picture source: IG @starbucks)
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts


You’re down to earth. If this classic Hawaiian chocolate treat is your favorite, you take inspiration from nature. You’re honest and values-oriented. You love staying in touch with your local environment, wherever you may be! You can pick up a box of these at any ABC Stores location! (Picture source: IG @abcstores)
Churros and Chocolate

Buho Cantina

You’re adventurous. You love trying new things and you aren’t easily intimidated. 3 desserts? All in one bowl? Challenge accepted. You want to live life to the fullest and experience everything you can. No regrets! Get this dessert at Búho Cantina! (Picture source: IG @buhocantina)

You can find details on where to enjoy these desserts, and discover even more delicious eats at waikikishoppingplaza.com/dining/

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