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What’s New to Eat in Waikīkī?

Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor to Waikīkī, finding exciting new places to eat is always a good idea. From snacks to sushi, Waikiki Shopping Plaza has the best bites for you to try. See what recent places have opened up!

Royal Hawaiian Cookie

We’ve always been of the mindset that a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. As a gift for the sweets enthusiast in your life, try Royal Hawaiian Cookie! Known for their caramelized taste and Royal Hawaiian flavor, the brand’s hallmark product is a delicious, non-traditional treat loaded with caramelized nuts and macadamia almond crunch. They also sell assorted chocolates, chocolate wafers, macadamia nut krispies, and more!

Royal Hawaiian Cookie’s new shop recently opened on the second floor; you’ll see it right when you get off of the escalator!

Stix Asia Food Hall

Stix Asia offers a wide array of culinary experiences featuring authentic flavors from various countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Singapore. While our favorite food hall isn’t new to Waikīkī, it has two new eateries for you to try!

HK Cafe

Offering a fusion of Hong Kong and Western Cuisine, HK Cafe serves unforgettable dishes with unique flavors and textures. Try the Hong Kong-style noodle soup, omelet over rice, or HK Cafe rice dish if you’re looking for a delicious meal. For spice lovers, the Chef’s special noodle soup is a must-try!

HK Cafe also serves fun drinks like lemon coke and ovaltine. Don’t forget to order the Hong Kong-style milk tea!

HK Cafe is located on the Kalākaua Avenue side of Stix Asia Food Hall. 

Scratch Xpress

A to-go version of Scratch Kitchen & Meatery, Scratch Xpress serves bites with Southern roots and local Asian flare. Our favorite treat is the specialty croffle – a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle – served with honey and milk sauces. 

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Scratch Xpress has something for you. Try one of their famous xiao long bao (steamed buns) or a refreshing poke bowl. 

Scratch Xpress is located on the Kalākaua Avenue side of Stix Asia Food Hall.

Kai Coffee

Kai Coffee is a locally owned and operated family business with a goal to source, roast, and provide the finest coffee available. Boasting baristas who are expertly trained, Kai Coffee ensures a perfect cup of coffee brewed with minimum wait. They offer pour over, aeropres, French press, and cold brew coffee, as well as delicious pastries, sandwiches, and more! 

We love the signature Kai Latte – a delicious mac-nut flavored latte perfect for sipping on the streets of Waikīkī!

Kai Coffee’s newest location is on the ground floor, in the center of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. 

Waikīkī’s Best Dining Experiences

Waikiki Shopping Plaza has many other amazing restaurants in the heart of Waikīkī, like Tanaka of Tokyo, Japanese seafood and steak house. Enjoy a flaming onion volcano while expert teppanyaki chefs make a performance out of preparing your dinner, then savor delicious steak or shrimp (or both!). 

Serving rooftop Mexican cuisine in Hawai‘i, Buho Cantina is a festive vibe for tacos, margaritas, and more! Don’t miss live music, Margarita Mondays, watermelon and pineapple cocktails, or any of the other Instagrammable treats Buho has to offer. 

Voted Yelp’s best lobster roll in the country and in Hawaiʻi, Royal Lobster serves one thing, and serves it well. You guessed it…lobster! Abiding strictly by four lobster rules, Royal Lobster offers an amazing lobster roll and lobster salad. What are the rules, you ask? First, a full tail, claw, and knuckle on every roll. Second, no fillers – just lobster on brioche. Third, lightly seasoned and finished with warm butter. And last but not least, always use 100% fresh lobster…from Maine!

And if you’re looking to end your meal with something sweet, be sure to check out our write up of the best treats in Waikīkī

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