Building the Best Beach Look

Waikiki Shopping Plaza is the central destination for all things beachwear. Considering its convenient location – two blocks from Waikiki Beach and Fort DeRussy Beach and a few blocks from Ala Moana Beach Park – the variety and availability of beachwear make Waikiki Shopping Plaza a must-stop shop on the way to a day in the sun.


From top to bottom, Waikiki Shopping Plaza has what you need to look and feel your best at the beach. Check out the options and where to find them below.



To help shade from the sun, hats add a nice touch to your beachwear style and provide needed protection for your face under the Hawaiian sun.

girl posed with armani exchange red baseball hat

Image source: Armani Exchange

Baseball Cap

If you’re looking for a trendy baseball cap to top off your look, Armani Exchange has several selections of colors and brim styles or find a Hawaii-themed baseball cap at ABC Stores. Lululemon also sells traditional baseball caps, as well as running hats, that have a similar look with lightweight and moisture-wicking benefits to keep your head dry.


Visors, which can be found at Lululemon, make for great beach hats as they keep your face blocked from the sun but don’t trap heat from the top of your head.

Straw Hat

For a more relaxed, tropical feel, a straw hat from H&M will complete just about any beach look. While the brim of the hat doesn’t block as much sun as a baseball cap or visor, the hat tends to be lighter, looser, and allows more breathability.


Often forgotten when thinking of must-haves for beachwear, sunglasses provide needed protection for your eyes, especially due to ocean glare.

Girl posed in H&M sunglasses

Image source: H&M



More classic trends in sunglass wear include aviators, square, and cat-eye sunglasses. All of these styles can be found at Armani Exchange with dozens of frames and lenses to select from. H&M and ABC Stores also carry a similar selection at a less expensive price.


Sunglasses are also an opportunity to show off some personality. Victoria’s Secret carries non-traditional frame shapes as well as a variety of flashy colored lenses, like orange, yellow, pink, and purple.


The number-one beachwear essential is swimwear. Waikiki Shopping Plaza has several styles to choose from, including classic swimsuits and active swimwear.

Girl surfing in Lululemon swimwear

Image source: Lululemon


Find your perfect suit at H&M, Victoria’s Secret, or Lululemon. These stores have one-piece suits and bikinis with styles including full back, lace, bandeau, halter, bralette, underwire, and more. Plus, for men, H&M and Lululemon have suits with inseam lengths ranging from 5 to 9 inches, and a handful of different patterns and colors.

Active swim

A day at the beach can be more than laying in the sand. Active swimwear is great for surfing, standup paddle boarding, or other water activities. Lululemon offers active swimwear in a variety of different styles and colors for men and women.


A beachwear cover is a great way to transition from a day at the beach to a regular afternoon in the town while adding some personality to your look.

Girl at the beach in a Unibazar swimsuit cover up

Image source: Unibazar


Include some aloha vibes in your outfit with Hawaii-inspired shirts at Unibazar, or find some traditional Aloha shirts at Aloha Outlet. For a more casual and active look, checkout H&M and Lululemon. Or, dress up a bit with tops from Armani Exchange or short-sleeved button downs from Angels by the Sea.


Bring the complete look together with fashionable shorts and skirts at Armani Exchange. The more active, casual outfit can be found at Lululemon with their assortment of shorts, joggers, and leggings for men and women.


Slip on a dress for a relaxed look or a more elegant approach. With a selection of short to long dresses that include tank, short sleeved, and strapless, there is a dress style for everyone at Angels by the Sea, Aloha Outlet, Victoria’s Secret, and H&M.


Stay sleek with a Hawaiian touch. Discover a pineapple-print romper or tunic from Angels by the Sea, along with several other jumpsuit options.


The finishing touch to your beachwear look is the footwear you put on. Footwear can turn a look from laid-back to slick in a matter of seconds.

Girls lounging in Victoria's Secret footwear

Image source: Victoria’s Secret Pink


Quick and convenient, slides keep your look relaxed. Discover sport slides in an array of colors and strap styles at Victoria’s Secret or H&M.


Relaxed or classy, sandals give a flexibility in the beachwear presence you’re trying to create. With varying heel heights and styles, there are plenty of sandals to choose from at H&M and O’ My Sole.

Waikiki Shopping Plaza is the best place to bring out your inner beachwear fashionista, and also for beach essentials such as towels, sunscreen, refreshments, and more, to help you navigate the day.

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