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Say “Aloha” to Style

Aloha shirts, commonly referred to as Hawaiian shirts, weren’t always considered fashionable. . In the 1960’s, films such as Blue Hawaii brought aloha wear into the mainstream. Aloha Friday was established among Hawaii businesses, allowing local businessmen to wear their Aloha shirts to work.  Aloha wear surged in popularity, becoming an iconic fashion from Hawaii. Since then, the aloha shirt has evolved from Aloha Friday attire to an everyday look. The aloha shirt has several appeals, including fun colors and patterns that give a tropical, laid-back vibe and versatility to be worn in relaxed or formal settings.  

With more than five different retailers selling Aloha wear, Waikiki Shopping Plaza is the hub for aloha shirts in Honolulu.

Aloha Outlet

Aloha Outlet aloha shirts display

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ABC Stores

Aloha Outlet carries a broad range of Hawaiian goods and apparel. Aloha shirts for men can be found in sizes ranging small to 4XL in vibrant and tropical patterns. For women, Aloha Outlet offers aloha shirts with different cuts and fits with similar patterns as the men’s. Aloha Outlet also has Hawaiian dresses, pa’u skirts, and jewelry. 

ABC Stores are a convenient place to find aloha fashion for you and your entire family. The Aloha Cabana Set, for boys, is made in Hawaii and includes a matching shirt and shorts in a variety of blends and styles. For girls, ABC Stores carry aloha-styled sundresses, also made in Hawaii. Women’s options include slip-on aloha dresses that have a string-tie in the front. The men’s aloha shirts are made with 100% cotton, matching pockets, and coconut buttons. Plus, every aloha shirt and dress style has matching family sets available.

ABC Stores

Image source: ABC Stores


Good Feelings

With a modern approach, Good Feelings’ aloha shirts come in a range of sizes with neutral color schemes and floral patterns. As with everything Good Feelings sells, aloha shirts are sourced from small, local companies in Hawaii.


Honolulu Souvenirs offers a large array of aloha shirts for men, women, and children.  In addition to aloha shirts, they sell aloha shorts for men that can be mixed and matched. The aloha dresses offered have unique strap styles and lengths. For aloha-themed beachwear, Honolulu Souvenirs sells swimsuit covers with aloha print.

Tiki Products aloha wear

Tiki Products’ aloha shirt collection includes polo-styled and made in Hawaii shirts. Their assortment is specifically great for Luaus and wedding parties. Besides shirts, Tiki Products also specialize in aloha-styled dresses. The dresses come in strapless, tank, and short sleeve designs as well as ruffled sleeve and trim options. Tiki Products also provides button-down dresses.

Beach Ave

On-top of the vivid men’s aloha shirts available at Beach Ave, this is an excellent place to shop for women’s aloha-styled clothing like dresses, shirts, and matching pants. Apart from daily wear clothing, Beach Ave has a wide selection of aloha-themed swimsuits for men and women that include one-piece and bikini designs.


Beach Ave aloha attire

Excited to add some aloha wear to your wardrobe? Make sure to check out our operations page to see which retail stores are open, as well as up-to-date store hours! 

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