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What Kind of Wine Drinker Are You Really?

Woman holding a glass of wine and drinking a glass of wine

Do you really know what kind of wine drinker you are? We’re not talking about red or white, sweet or dry. We’re talking about what really matters when it comes to wine. That’s right, there is something more important when it comes to your preference of wine- your wine-o type! 

Why is this important? Your wine-o type helps you to identify which kind of vibe you go for when you’re drinking wine. It’s often an overlooked part when people are looking for where to get wine near them. No matter what types of wine you drink, the ambiance and energy is what really makes the wine experience. Each wine-o type craves a special environment when enjoying their wine. Some people identify as one type of wine-o while others may relate to multiple types, but knowing which type or types you are will help enhance all your wine experiences. 

Click the cards to reveal the best place for your wine-o type in Waikiki.

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Understanding your wine-o type truly enhances your overall wine drinking experience, especially on days like National Wine Day. Just remember, the next time you’re searching for “restaurants with wine near me,” don’t just look over the menu but make sure the place will match your wine-o type environment. 

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