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What to do in Waikiki?

Waikiki is one of Honolulu’s most iconic districts with millions of tourists checking out the thriving area every year. From its world-famous beach to the bustling city life, Waikiki offers plenty of things to keep you occupied during your time in Waikiki. 

See the Town

Photo looking down the sidewalk in Waikiki. On the left-hand side, there is grass, some bushes, and tall palm trees. On the right-hand side, there is a rack of blue Biki bikes, palms trees, the road, and buildings that look like a combination of shops and hotels. The sky is bright blue with one a couple small white clouds.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather while taking in Waikiki is renting a Biki bike! It’s perfect for cruising around and making quick stops for anything and everything that catches your eye. While you’re on your bike tour of Waikiki, we recommend extending it down to Kapiʻolani Regional Park where you’ll get fantastic views of Diamond Head, and you may even be able to catch a show at the Waikiki Shell! If biking isn’t your thing, just hop on a Waikiki Trolley! It’s another great way to get around Waikiki and stop at all the places you want to see. 

Meet the Wildlife

Closeup photo of a very bright turquoise fish with small, hot pink strips down its side and the same hot pink stripes coming outwards, like sun rays, from its eye. Behind it, there are some brown rocks and coral.
(Picture source: @waikikiaquarium)

It’s possible to see some sea turtles and catch a whale breaching off in the distance while hanging at Waikiki Beach…however, the chances are low. Luckily, the Waikiki Aquarium provides the chance to see Hawaiian marine animals such as the state fish, Humuhumunukunukuapua`a, and monk seals! Plus, right across the street is the Honolulu Zoo where you can see animals that are native to Hawaii! 

Brewery Hop

A goblet glass with the Waikiki Brewing Company Logo in black is to the right of the picture. It's filled with a dark pink, almost red, beer that is most likely a sour. The glass is resting on top of a cement shelf and there are green palm fronds behind it.
(Picture source: @waikikibrewco)

After spending some time sightseeing, refresh with some cold drinks! Grab some food and a pint at Waikiki Brewery Company where you can choose from 9 core beers including some award winners! 

Next, swing over to Maui Brewery Co. where you can enjoy a flight of their unique beer options while listening to live music. You can even pick up some growlers to go! 

Shop ‘Til You Drop

This photo was taken is night across the street of the Waikiki Shopping Plaza, looking diagonally towards the corner of the building with Victoria's Secret. Above it, there is Buho Cocina y Cantina. On the right, along the street, there are green palm trees. The photo uses a long exposure, so the streetlights and car lights look long and have a soft glow.

From fashion brands to mom-and-pop shops, Waikiki offers a unique shopping experience.

Head back in time with a vintage-feeling shopping day as you browse through Duke’s Marketplace. The alley shops give you the flea-market feeling that was once Waikiki. If you’re looking for souvenirs or aloha shirts, Waikiki Shopping Plaza is the place to go! Not only does it have world-class shopping, but if you’re wondering where to eat in Waikiki, Waikiki Shopping Plaza has you covered. Your shopping adventure isn’t complete without a stroll down Luxury Row where you can see the art of fashion!  

Head to the Beach

The photo is taken above the beach, looking towards the Sheraton and Royal Hawaiian Hotels. On the right, there are more hotel buildings, palms trees, and people scattered across the sand, some have blue beach umbrellas. On the left, the water is clear and blue with some surfers, stand-up paddlers, and swimmers. There are two catamaran boats docking on the shore. The sky is blue with scattered white clouds.

You can’t go to Waikiki without enjoying a day at the beach! With its clear, blue water and breathtaking backdrop, Waikiki Beach is the biggest draw to the district. As the birthplace of modern surfing, it’s the perfect spot to rent a board or stand up paddle board and ride a wave. You can also grab a seat on an outrigger canoe and paddle out to sea.  

Waikiki Sunset

The photo looks out to a bright yellow, orange, and pink sunset. One palm tree is on the lower left side. The ocean reflects a pink and purple color, with two boats and surfers in the distance. The sun is just starting to go below the horizon line.

The Waikiki sunset is the best way to cap off a fun and eventful day. Head out on a beach cruise to enjoy the sunset and the Waikiki skyline or sit back and relax on the beach. If you’ve had enough of the beach during the day, enjoy dinner and cocktails at SKY Waikiki where you can watch the sunset over the ocean! 
With so many things to do in Waikiki, make sure to plan ahead or you’ll run out of time to see it all! Unless you decide to ride a Biki or trolley, you should also figure out where to park in Waikiki.

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